Complaint procedure


Dealing with complaints at Dutch for you too

1) Contact us directly

Dutch for you too tries to always satisfy the needs of its clients. If ever you meet problems or you are just not happy with how things evolve, please let us know as soon as possible. The sooner we know, the faster we can make adjustments. You can talk to your teacher or contact us on  We will always listen to you and consider what you say in a serious way.
In case, after having contacted us, you are still not satisfied, there are the following possibilities:

2) Use the online complaint form

You can also have a paper complaint form if you ask for one. Complaints should be written within a period of a month after the event took place.
Complaints from the form will directly go to Mrs. Mariette Peeters, communication and complaints officer at Dutch for you too, who is in charge of the procedure.


3) Direct your complaint to a third-party mediator.
It is also possible to turn to an independent mediator for review of your case. The costs of such an external procedure can be huge. The judgement of a third-party mediation is binding for both parties.

MJ Mediation / Maarten Jacobs
NMI-certified mediator
Meerssenerweg 187 6224 AE  Maastricht
Telefoon: +31 (0)43 321 66 56/ +31 (0)65 158 08 66


What happens to your complaint?

Each complaint will be treated confidentially according to the following procedure:

1. Within 14 days after receiving your complaint, you will get a written reaction. We will confirm we received your complaint and we will explain what we think should be done about it. In case we need more than 4 weeks to deal with the matter, we will inform you about the reason.

2. Mrs. Mariette Peeters, complaints officer,
a. will investigate the matter, asking the person who was in charge of your course or other process at the time, for further information;
b. will ask you for further information, if needed;
c. will ask witnesses for further information (in case);
d. will examine all information and weigh arguments from both sides;
e. will formulate a conclusion;
f. will inform you in writing about the conclusion;
g. will file the case report in our complaint administration archive, so that a review may be possible within five years.
h. will take care of the final deletion of these reports after five years, to assure the privacy of customers and the persons working for us.

Exception: complaints about tests
Results of tests (at the start and at the end of most Dutch4you2 courses) are outside this complaint procedure. Of course we are open to listen to comments or criticism. But we do keep the right to correct tests the way we think is suitable.