Our team

After having lived abroad for 18 years, being an expat in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Israel and Italy, I came back to my home country, the Netherlands in 2008. I was looking for a job and by coincidence I started to give Dutch lessons to friends of mine, at their homes. What started as fun, became more and more serious. I wanted to know all peculiarities of the Dutch language and understand what were the rules and the specific difficulties of Dutch for certain groups of foreigners. Apart from studying the Dutch language, I did a didactic course to improve my teaching abilities.

I found a teaching job at ‘Jules and You’, where I gave Dutch lessons to foreigners. After two years I got the courage to start my own business: ‘Dutch for you too!’ which is now a growing company. Lots of expats, international students and other foreign residents attend my courses and learn Dutch in an easy, fun ánd serious way. It’s a great pleasure to teach people from other cultures both the Dutch language and make them familiar with Dutch habits, traditions and society. My goal is to make people feel at home in this little often rainy country, like I many times experienced the efforts of others making me feel at home in their country.

drs. Justine Slotemaker

Mrs. drs. Justine Slotemaker
E-mail:  justine@dutchforyoutoo.nl
Phone: 0031-(0)64-823-8243
Specialized in teaching Dutch to foreigners.
Studied History at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Our teachers

Teachers are chosen for their skills, enthusiasm and didactic talents. Through the knowledge of various modern languages such as English, German, French or Italian our teachers are able to effectively respond to specific language problems connected with various linguistic backgrounds.  The teachers are always native Dutch speakers with a perfect pronunciation.