Quotes from our course participants

“Because the groups are small, the teacher can give you all the attention you need.”
Evgenia, Russian

“I learned a lot from this course, I really started to talk Dutch.’’
Elena, Russian

“I really like the relaxed and informative atmosphere.” 
Susan, Northern Irish.

“It’s been excellent for my conversational skills. We speak quite a bit in Dutch in the class.’’ 
Tim, American

“These courses are not expensive and in the centre of Maastricht. All lessons we got a lot of material, not only about grammar, rules, etc, but also about the Netherlands, lifestyle and so on.”
Dina, Ukrainian

“I studied in other schools and what I didn’t like is the very intensive use of computers. You spend hours sitting behind the screen and talk to the screen basically which is what I definitely do not like. I really wanted to have the opportunity to converse with somebody and improve my Dutch. I am absolutely happy with the course. We do converse a lot on very useful topics. Very useful to improve the vocabulary”. 
Fiorenza, Italian

“It’s a lot of fun. At the same time we learn quite a bit. I met some very interesting people here. The teacher is also a lot of fun. Yes, I liked it a lot.”
Nirali, Indian

“Were quite a small group and  we talk a lot that’s really nice  to try to talk just be able to talk and not only to listen or to read.” 
Nila, German