The method

Learning a new language from scratch is always a challenge. But our fresh and stimulating communicative courses make it easy, using the carefully selected Contact! Series for Dutch language teaching.

This course is designed for expats and students and consists of three volumes , ranging from A0-B2 levels, covering basics such as shopping and food, work and leisure, making appointments, more practical things such as filling in forms and other paperwork, but also the origin of Dutch as well as art and culture in the Netherlands. This will help you better grasp the Dutch and their ways.

Contact! has an abundance of exercises and supporting CDs to further practise your Dutch at home. Of course it doesn’t leave out that essential challenging Dutch grammar either.

EXTRA material will be used during the lessons when there is the possibility to do so. This might consist of newspaper articles, film tracks, music or cultural issues from the absolutely great book: ‘Duidelijk Nederlands voor anderstaligen. De Nederlandse cultuur in praktijk.’