Our school & vision

Learning the language and knowing more about local habits are the keys
to be happy and to get into contact with the local community.

Dutch For You Too ( or Dutch4you2 ) offers you basically high quality lessons with affordable prices. Our general courses mainly focus on interaction, ensuring the continuous improvement in speech until you feel comfortable enough to start talking Dutch with the Dutch.

We feel responsible for the students’ progress so we deliberately keep group formats small. Less participants means more turns. Learning a language is all about making mistakes, learning from them and repeating what you have learned as much as you can, so that it becomes part of your system. Dutch For You Too is only using official proven course materials. Our materials and methods has been developed by the Dutch linguistic department of the Radbout University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

In all our lessons we cover a variety of topics, use different media and have fun. Together with the teachers’ dedication, skills and enthusiasm, Dutch4you2 courses in Maastricht will be lessons to remember.

A very interesting and thankful subject of course are the Dutch and their ways! It is our aim to make you understand more about them and the Dutch culture so that you will feel at home.

Good old-fashioned vocabulary and grammar drills are not left out, for they form the building blocks of any language. The more words you know, the more you can understand and engage in conversation. Also some homework will be required to make it easier on yourself the next lesson.