Italiano anche per te


Italiaans, ook voor jou!





Italian beginners courses

Would you also fancy learning Italian? The most passionate language of all?

It is possible!

We have a unique way of teaching:
Our language-teaching experience tells us that it is not productive for absolute beginners to be taught exclusively in the language they are learning. Only when the participants reached a certain level, this is recommendable. As you are beginners you need to be explained the grammar rules in a language you know already: English and/or Dutch.

Therefore we believe it is very useful to be taught Italian by someone who knows exactly which mistakes foreigners make. This is why for the beginners course we choose a dual-teaching-method: to have a non-native experienced teacher having learned Italian as a second language for explaining things in Dutch or English and guest speakers coming in on a regular basis, who are Italian natives instead. Of course they have the perfect Italian pronunciation.

In the Beginners course you will learn the basics of Italian. You will learn how to introduce yourself, talk about your family and friends, be able to say where you are from and what you do in life, understand how to order things in a bar, a restaurant or a hotel, know what to say in a shop, learn to count, read the clock, ask for directions, learn about public transport and much more.

The course is focused on conversation and interaction. But of course you cannot learn properly how to speak without a minimum of learning vocabulary and grammar. So that is part of the deal. In the course you will get material from the teacher, for which we ask €15 per level. Group and private lessons are possible. Please contact us if you are interested to know more. For prices, please look at our ‘fees’ page.