Course Online: Creative writing in Dutch

Would you like to improve your Dutch writing skills? As an experienced all round (copy)writer and editor I can coach you online.

Besides writing and teaching, I can give you a ‘textual healing’. This means I interview you (if you like I can include an aura-healing – I am a certified aura-healer too). Afterwards, when I sit down to write, the right words come up to me automatically of which some will be new to you. They will in fact always make sense on a deep level and give you more insight in yourself.

Each day when I wake up, a remarkable sentence pops into my mind. I tweet this sentence via @zinineenzin and I invite you to follow me and figure out its meaning. To help you on the way: the Dutch word “zin” means: 1. sentence, 2. meaning/(to make) sense and 3. ‘like/love/yearn for’. Therefore: ‘Zin in een zin’ (‘I want a sentence with a deeper meaning’).

So now you know why my website is called “De Zin Van Je Leven”!

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Mirjam Killian