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1. You have seven days to think things over (time to consider) and cancel our agreement, starting from the moment you registered. 2. Course fees should be paid in one term. Definitive enrolment will ensue after payment of the course fee. 3. The amount paid gives the pupil the right to said course, to the feedback collected in class, to access to the Dutch4You2 training web site and to consult concerning everything that concerns language, education and career. 4. Last-minute registrations are always possible, but anybody participating in a course must have paid – be it via bank account, or cash (ultimately at the start of the first lesson). 5. In case the number of registrations doesn’t allow for a course to take place, Dutch4You2 will always offer an alternative deal. If Dutch4You2 and customer do not reach an agreement, the amount paid will be reimbursed. 6. Bear in mind that we have to charge administrative costs in case you withdraw voluntarily. If you withdraw less than a week before the course begins, we charge 50% of the course fee. If you withdraw less than 4 days before, we charge 75% of the fee. 7. In case it occurs that Dutch4You2, for whatever reason, is not able to give the course agreed upon, total restitution of the fee for the lessons which were not given will follow within two weeks after definitive cancelling. 8. Data entered above, just as all other personal matters treated in or outside class, will be treated by Dutch4You2 with utmost confidentiality. 9. All personal information other than invoices and correspondence about financial matters, will be deleted within two years after your registration, in accordance with the European privacy law.